joi, 28 octombrie 2010

Power surge prottection

Sometimes, when there is a voltage spike or power loss, the computers's power suplly protects itself by shutting down. This means you won't be able to turn the computer back on immediately after the power break.
What should you do: pull the power cord, ther press the computer;s power button. This will drain the remaining power stuck in your circutis . Then, plug in the power cable and you;re done.

Well, about Ubuntu

I just erased all Ubuntu partition, i have no patience left for dealing with it.
Anyway, if you have  Ubuntu on a laptopt and it goes to standby, good-bye WIFI connection. You have to kill the process and restart.
How easy is that?

miercuri, 13 octombrie 2010

Turn off Spelling check in Outlook 2010

Just follow these steps.

  1. Click the File tab, and then click Options.
  2. Click Mail , and then click Editor Options.
  3. Click to clear the Check spelling as you type check box. 
Simple as that!

joi, 7 octombrie 2010

24H clock in Windows 7

To enable 24h clock , go to Control Panel -> Region and Language -> Formats tab -> Aditional settings -> Time tab. Next, switch both Short time and Long time to HH:mm (Capital H).
Apply and you're done.

marți, 5 octombrie 2010

Change Windows 7 Logon Screen

The stantard Logon screen can be changed, if you wish to. Follow these steps (as seen here ) :

1. Download the registry file from here. Extract the file and double-click on the file to enable this feature (Alternative method: right-click, select Merge).
2. Now, head over to the following folder:
C:\Windows\System32\oobe (“C” is your Windows Seven Installation drive)
3. Here, create a new folder named Info. Again, create a new folder inside the Info folder and rename it as backgrounds.
4. Copy your favorite image file to this folder and rename it as backgroundDefault. Note that the image must be in JPG format and the size should be less than 256 KB.
5. You are done. Reboot your system and see the change.

I did changed my Logon screen but  for some reason, i can't use Print screen after i press Win+L . You'll just have to try it youreself.

luni, 4 octombrie 2010

Disable Firefox virus scanning

I find that virus scan  very very useless, so i decided to turn it off. To do that, write in the adress bar: about:config then search for or just paste it . Double clicking it will do the trick.

Windows Audio Service stops randomly

For some reason, Windows Audio Service stops in the middle of a movie or when music plays. I don't know the cause, but first you need to check the Audio service: type in Search filed : services.msc , then scroll to Windows Audio and , if it's stopped, strart it. If not, you cand simply restart playback by reopening the desired application (Firefox, Winamp, etc)