sâmbătă, 25 februarie 2012

Scumbag PS2

So i got a  used PS2 with no games. The guy who gave it away said that the console is hacked with some chip and it will run any game "bought" online .
The day after i bought like 20 blank dvd's and i began downloading and burning  like a ton of games. The big surprise was that no disc was good enough to play an entire game. Some fail to start, some fail to load in game and other are not read at all by the PS2.
After that, i bought other DVD's , 2x more expensive (still cheap, though) and i was very surprised that every game was playable.
TL;DR : Use quality DVD-R for backing up your PS2 games, the console is VERY picky regarding that ort of thing.

vineri, 17 februarie 2012

Start Menu Library Shortcut Edit - Windows 7

So i use my Start menu to open Windows Explorer and browse for files. Click on any shortcut from top-right section then navigate by using back, up, etc.
Next i'll show you how to change those predefined folders with some of your own.

1. Open Start Menu and pick one of those folders. I've selected the Documents for editing because who uses Documents anyway?

2.  Next, right click the folder and the select Properties, a new window will appear. Remove all library locations (because you won't need them anymore). 

3. After that, press the Include a folder button and select the one that you want to have a quick access to.
You will want to select Optimize this library for General items because thumbnails and stuff

And you're done. Now you can quickly jump to your favorite folders.