vineri, 27 iulie 2012

Youtube mobile–play videos on other devices

As of latest version (2.5.16), youtube’s official mobile app gives you the opportunity to play any video on any Youtube capable device . You just need to be logged in to Youtube on your mobile and on  your TV or PC or whatever.


If your devices are paired, you should see the remote play icon on your mobile app. Press it and the video will start playing on the other device. In less words this is a Youtube remote.

Go to and click on that play remotely icon to pair your devices.

Also, with this latest update, videos won’t play in HQ on my mobile phone. I did select “play HQ when available” in the settings menu, but nothing happened. maybe it’s me, maybe it’s Jewtube

miercuri, 4 iulie 2012

Android Game Boy Emulators

I don't usually play games on my phone, but when i do, i play Game Boy games. I still can't belive i lost 19 hours of my life with a Pokemon game.
 This is Pokemon Gold and you can play it with a free emulator found in Android Market: Gameboy Color A.D.  . It's very easy to use and does not need any aditional files to run (like bios, crack, etc.

This screenshot  is from Final Fantasy VI for Game Boy Advance. I didn't played it too much , but it can't be bad, i like most of the FF titles. This one needs another emulator, like GameBoid and a bios file. I don't remember where i got this file but it must be easy, like Google search easy.

You can find games for these emulators all over the internet but i preffer .
If you feel like playing something else besides Angry Birds, try these classics, you wont regret.