marți, 7 decembrie 2010

Webcam record utility

I tried to find a program that records video clips directly from your webcam , but my first search results were spam, more spam and a forum post that learned me to record directly from Microsoft Office Onenote. Unfortunately it has just one setting, and that is regarding the quality of the video, but if you have Microsoft Office installed,  it's right there for you.
Usage: Open OneNote (not that Sidenote from System Tray, then go to Insert -> Recording -> Record Video. I don't know where on the hard drive it saves the file, but after you finish recording you can right click the object and select a path for you new saved file.

Oh, when you press "record", a pop-up will apear with images from the camera. From this point, the recordin si on until you close the window. Neat!

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