luni, 5 decembrie 2011

Something about Android battery life

I use Windows on my personal PC & netbook , Linux at my work-PC and Android runs on my mobile phone. So, form now on i will provide some tips about all those platforms. Period.

The number one problem with smartphones in our days is the battery life. These new devices have large touch screens that consume most of your battery and you need to recharge them very often, sometimes more than once a day.
Here are some tips for battery saving:
- Keep your screen on low brightness or select the auto brightness mode. This will save some battery.
- Any applications that's installed on your phone "eats" battery. And by any i mean EVERY application. So think twice before installing some wonder app that helps your battery life. At its best, this app will not drain your battery faster.
For example, i had like 2-3 apps that kept launching themselves even if i closed them. So we have 2 apps running in pasive service mode. I installed some app manager that constantly scans for running services and allows me to kill those who i desire. That results  in one permanently active service that helps me kill the passive ones. That makes no sense to me regarding battery saving.
- Use 2G instead of 3G networks.
- Uninstall System apps that you don't use (Gtalk, maybe email, some HTC or SAMSUNG apps that no one uses, etc) You can do that by using Root Uninstaller, which works only on rooted phones.
Finally, for experienced users, you may want to try some custom ROMs. I'm using the lastest version of GingerDX and this is how my battery life looks:

More to come soon!

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  1. Yeah I love my Galaxy SII, great phone and great battery life

  2. Looking forward to possibly getting an android phone soon

  3. Hmm. Interesting. I'm going to try that on my phone.